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Free Diabetes Patient Resources

We know that hearing “you have type 1 diabetes” is tough for everyone in the family. We at the American Diabetes Association are here to support you, as you find your new normal.

Our Courage-Wisdom-Hope Kit for children and their families helps every kid feel smart, brave and ready to live a great life.

This free kit cannot replace the need to see your health care professional team, but it may help you fill in some blanks. Contents include:

Parent Guide
Kid’s Interactive Guide
Sibling Guide
Drawstring “go” bag—sized for a meter, strips, glucose tablets, snack and other necessities
Write-on emergency contacts magnet and pen
If you have questions or would like to order a free kit, please call us at 1-800-DIABETES (800-342-2383), Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET or order the kit online.

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Monday Message for May 9, 2016 from

2 Infographics for Food and Nutrition Professionals!
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation recently released two infographics: “U.S. Farming 101” and “Feeding the World.” Intended for Academy members, these resources contain information about current challenges and innovative strategies.
The infographics were developed through an educational grant from Elanco.

Fitness Trackers for Kids
Adults are using wearable technology to count every step they take and every wink of sleep they get. With a thirst for technology, today’s kids won’t be left out of the trend.
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Build a Healthy Sandwich
Sandwiches can be a quick, easy and economical option for lunch or dinner! Use these tips to keep them healthy, too.
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A Do-It-Yourself Revolution in Diabetes Care

Navigating School With Diabetes – The New York Times
In October, The Times reported on students with Type 1 diabetes who struggle to get medical care while they are in school.

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Animas® Vibe® system

Great News! Animas Corporation, one of Slam Dunk’s sponsors, has received FDA approval for the Vibe pump for kids. The Animas Vibe System is the only integrated continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system that is approved for children as young as 2 years of age!

Learn more:

Animas® Vibe® system | Animas Insulin Pumps & Insulin Pump …
The Animas® Vibe™ System is the first continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)-enabled insulin pump offering from Animas Corporation.

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Candy Carb Counting

Trick or Treat! Have ghoulishly good fun while still managing carbs and candy.

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Tailgating Tips

It is that time of year… Whether you watch football, basketball, baseball, or other sports we tend to eat while we enjoy the entertainment. Below are tailgating nutritional info…

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eatright Pro

During Kids Eat Right Month™, Academy Encourages All Families to ‘Shop Smart, Cook Healthy and Eat Right’
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Screening is convenient and widely available.
TrialNet screenings are offered at nearly 200 locations in the United States,
Canada, and around the world. We can also mail a screening test kit to you. You
can take the kit to a local doctor’s office or lab to collect a blood sample. The sample
is then sent to TrialNet’s lab for testing, and the results are reported back to you.
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CPT Corner

Check out the Spring issue of the CPT Corner. Highlights include:How one CPT realized her dream of helping kids with T1 diabetes learn to manage their diabetes while having fun and playing their favorite sport – basketball.
Tips for wearing the OmniPod during warm weather
Research highlights from a recent large, observational study on the benefits of CSII.
Updates from the Suite D Blog.
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Theresa Parsons, RD, MBA
HCP Marketing Manager

Sick Day Management

Guidelines to follow when your child has an illness, injury or infection.  Sick Day Management Guidelines

Managing Exercise and Fluid in Diabetics

Most exercise sessions result in some degree of sweating, leading to a loss of water and salts. Fluid replacement is required to perform and limit fatigue. Inadequate fluid intake will adversely affect body temperature regulation, cardiovascular function and muscle metabolism.

Learn how to monitor blood glucose before, during and after exercise.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) is a leader in setting the agenda 
for diabetes research worldwide and is the largest charitable funder of and advocate for type 1 diabetes research. The mission of JDRF is to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research. The Illinois Chapter organizes three core fundraising events each year: the Ron Santo Walk to Cure Diabetes, 
the Chance of a Lifetime Gala and Best of Illinois. JDRF also provides resources 
and support to newly diagnosed and “veteran” people and families affected by 
type 1 diabetes.

For more information about local activities and resources, please visit

Managing Diabetes

While we know that Slam Dunk for Diabetes® Basketball Camps gives kids tools and tips they can use to help themselves, we hope that this section will help kids and their families with educational information you can download, updates and links to resources.

A key part of the Slam Dunk playbook is teaching kids how to manage diabetes and how to care for everything from their teeth to their toes. We take teaching seriously, but make sure that lessons are fun and memorable; ask us about our Game Changers™ quiz.

Diabetes is a complex disease and so is its management. With so many factors involved, from food to exercise to insulin or medication, living with diabetes presents challenges for the entire family. If you would like to share some of your favorite resources, please contact us.


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