Basketball Camps
Introducing the Slam Dunk Kids

Who we are

We are the Slam Dunk for Diabetes® Basketball Camp kids. We all have diabetes and we are all athletes⎯because camp has taught us that we CAN be athletes.

Why we care

Some of us wear insulin pumps, some of us use insulin syringes or medication⎯all of us have to test our blood sugars to stay healthy while we play. Camp is a safe place where we can be like all kids who love playing basketball and we don’t feel different for having to monitor ourselves while we play.

We are all colors, all sizes and we come from all over⎯what we have in common is living with diabetes. At camp we meet kids like ourselves and we can play as hard as anyone else. For this one week in the summer, we come together without having to explain ourselves. We come together to play ball and we play hard.

Thanks from Slam Dunk Kids!

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